The configuration for DleJTalent is made up of 5 separate areas.  These are the Component, Talents, Photographers, Agents, and Permissions.  Most of these options are self explanatory so not every field in the documentation is explained.

Select Map selects the map type that you prefer. Select your map and enter your API key.

Agent Group Name can be chosen if you have set up an agent group to be used for approved agents selected from the apply form.  You can name this group as you wish.

Refer to the Using the Apply as Agent Form in the documentation section.


Currency This section should be self explanatory.

Contact Captcha will show a captcha on the inquiry and contact forms.  For this to work remember to set up the captcha / recaptcha plugin.


Show T&C Checkbox will show the consent to Terms and Conditions Checkbox in the book talent form in the talent details page.




Request for Booking will enable the Inquiry tab in the agent widget in the talent details view.

Add To Favorite displays an clickable icon in the talents display allowing the user to save as favorite for reference.

Recipient Email will be used to send the request for visit email.

Talents Button Text  (read more) will be the text displayed in the button of the talents view that links to the talent detail view.

Hide Category Buttons will show or hide category tags above the talents view.

Limit is the number of autos to display in the autos view.

Columns is the number of autos displayed across a row in the view.

Show Auto ID is used for reference for contacting the dealer about the vehicle and will be displayed in the detail view of the auto. 

Thumbnail sizes the Slider thumbs.

Thumbnail Tower is the slider size.