We have added some additional features to version 2.1.1 including an additional Conditions feature.

There were quite a few requests asking to add or change some of the predefined settings which encouraged us to add these features allowing the user to add what was necessary for their use.  This also makes any translation less daunting  to translate.

One predefined field remains.  This is the vehicle status definitions that were necessary for the content of the component.  The additions are outlined below.



These new fields will not affect your current saved values for fields Condition, Drive, Transmission, Body, and Fuel until the auto is saved.  These additional field values will be automatically filled with the default predefined values from the previous DleJAuto versions fields.

If you have added, changed, or translated these values, they will no longer be available to use untill the new fields are updated with the proper values.

It is recommended that all field values are documented and added to each field type before adding or editing an auto.  All predefined fields from the previous version are listed below for reference.

Once these values are added to each field your current auto listings will be fully intact and will not require any attention.





Conditions:  This is a new addition and only needs your values.


Drives:  Front - Rear - All - 4X4/4 - 4X4/2

Transmissions:  Automatic - Manual - Semiautomatic

Bodies:  Sedan - Compact - Convertible - Coupe - Off Road - Hatchback - Transporter - Pickup - Van - Other

Fuels:  Gasoline - Unleaded - Diesel - Electric - Gas/Electric - Ethanol - Hydrogen - Other

These are simple forms allowing quick creation. Only 1 field necessary.