The Component Configuration is separated into 4 sections.  Component, Properties, Dealers, and Permissions.


Primary Color allows you to set the primary color for the components buttons, icons...  If left empty the component will use a default color.

Select Map has either Google or Mapbox selections.  You will need an API key for either of these.

Content prepare functionality is mostly used for plugins that use the onContentPrepare trigger to produce the content other than what the extensions view itself renders.

The Currency section itself should be straight forward.

Contact Captcha will enable the captcha on the dealers contact / Inquiry/request for visit forms.

Terms and Conditions options will show the T&C checkbox for confirmation in the dealer / Inquiry/request for visit form.




Request for Visit will enable the Inquiry tab in the dealer widget in the auto details view.

Add To Favorite displays an clickable icon in the autos display allowing the user to save as favorite for reference.

Recipient Email will be used to send the request for visit email.

Read More will be the text displayed in the button of the autos view that links to the auto detail view.

Hide Category Buttons will show or hide category tags above the autos view.

Limit is the number of autos to display in the autos view.

Columns is the number of autos displayed across a row in the view.

Show Auto ID is used for reference for contacting the dealer about the vehicle and will be displayed in the detail view of the auto. 

Thumbnail sizes the Slider thumbs.

Thumbnail Tower is the slider size.